Ryan and Carrie Sharpe are Communication Consultants and Speakers at He says, She says. They have been married for over nineteen years and have five children, including twin daughters. During their marriage they have experienced everything from financial strain to miscarriages to the life-threatening illness of their son, Maverick.

Through their challenges and their celebrations, Ryan and Carrie strengthened their relationship by developing their communication skills. Because they believe that the foundation of every great relationship is effective communication, they love to help people strengthen their relationships by improving their communication skills. They coach clients in public speaking skills, marriage and family communication, sales techniques, relationship-building, workplace communication, and pageant interview skills.

Carrie holds a degree in Political Science and Psychology, while Ryan's degree is in Criminal Justice and Loss Prevention. Carrie homeschools their five children full-time, is a Huffington Post Contributor, and coaches clients in communication skills. She also has twenty-five years of experience in pageants-- competing in them, judging them, emceeing them, and coaching contestants in interview skills. Ryan is successful in sales across Northern Michigan and is a guest lecturer about sales relationships at their local University Center. Having won two national championships in hockey (one at the Junior-A level and one at the NCAA Division I level), Ryan now mentors and coaches men. Both Ryan and Carrie have spoken across the United States and Canada about marriage, personal development, and communication skills.

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