Ryan and Carrie Sharpe absolutely love communication in all its forms— from simple conversations to professional networking to public speaking. It’s all about making a personal connection and doing it with confidence.

Carrie remembers first giving speeches when she was only 15. She won a local pageant, did quite a bit of public speaking through that, and was hooked. She went on to win more pageants and did more public speaking as a result. She loved meeting new people and listening to their stories. She prides herself on discovering the talents of others and encouraging them to pursue those talents.

Ryan was known in college as “The Mayor.” He earned that nickname because he was often the last hockey player to leave the rink after a game. He took his time talking to each fan and signing autographs for children. He made friends everywhere he went. He developed strong networking skills which have served him well since then. He looks people in the eye, listens, and remembers.

When Ryan and Carrie married in 1997, their communication dynasty began.

They followed their love of communicating to earn degrees in political science and psychology (Carrie) and criminal justice and loss prevention (Ryan). Carrie spent a short time in law school before deciding instead to be a stay-at-home mom. Ryan went into sales so he could do what he does best— talk to people, make friends, and problem-solve.

Their communication skills were tested and honed when their son, Maverick, almost died at birth. He spent weeks in the NICU, with Ryan and Carrie by his side wondering if he would live or die. That experience shaped so much of who Ryan and Carrie are today. They learned to communicate well with each other and with their other two children who stayed home with grandparents while Maverick was hospitalized. They learned to listen to each other and to the specialized doctors in charge of Maverick’s care. They had to work together to make life-or-death decisions on behalf of their son. Their communication skills grew like never before.

After Maverick got well and returned home, Ryan and Carrie were asked to share their story of that experience with audiences across the United States and Canada. They talked about the communication skills, faith, and leadership skills that were necessary to overcome that challenging time. He says, She says was born.

After Carrie gave birth to their twins a few years later, Ryan and Carrie shifted gears so they could travel less. They began with a blog and exploded into an online business. They are now in high demand as online coaches in the areas of sales and public speaking skills. Their love of communication has continued through podcast interviews, Facebook Lives, carefully selected speaking engagements, videos, and virtual workshops. They even lead occasional online marriage conferences and events to teach effective communication skills to couples.

Ryan has been a successful Sales Engineer for over twenty years now. He uses that experience and expertise to coach other sales professionals to sell with an emphasis on relationships rather than ineffective outdated high-pressure sales tactics. He is a firm believer in treating everyone with respect. He makes a friend and determines a need before ever trying to sell anything.

Carrie works from home as a Communication Consultant. She helps her clients gain confidence and connect with their audiences whether they plan to be on stage, on a Facebook Live, collaborating, networking, or interviewed on a podcast. She is able to do her work thanks to the internet, which means she has clients around the world and can work wearing pajama pants.

Ryan and Carrie live in northern Michigan with their five children, whom Carrie homeschools. They love bacon, coffee, hiking, working together, and snowshoeing (not necessarily in that order!).

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